2018 Q1
The DESICO core team becomes a member of the ICO regulatory development team created by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
2018 Q2
The formation of the DESICO developer team, plus business model planning. Endorsements received from Lithuania's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of the Economy.
2018 Q3
Preparation for DESICO STO and marketing of the project. Publicity in major international media outlets including Forbes and Entrepreneur.
2019 Q2
A secondary market for the trading of securities is launched. Further development of the DESICO platform.
2019 Q1
DESICO lists its first clients on the primary market. Team growing and preparing for scaling.
2018 Q4
DESICO acquires its financial brokerage licence. The announcement of the DESICO STO.
2019 Q3
Partnerships formed with securities exchanges in order to ensure the liquidity of security tokens.
2020 Q1
The full version of the DESICO STO platform is launched and ready for global scaling.