DESICO stops development of its platform

Dear community members,

After our own successful STO was carried out in 2018, raising us 1 M USD, we have been constantly building our business and the platform to be able to host the clients and earn revenue as soon as possible. We have listed two hand picked promising business ventures, Kriptomat, UAB and Paysera Investment, UAB to hold their STO’s on our platform.

One of the main lessons we learned in 2019, was that the market is not ready yet for security token offerings. First of all, licensing for secondary markets is taking longer than expected. Currently, there are no trading platforms for Security tokens in Europe. Limitation to trade the investments significantly decreases investor’s interest. Moreover, there are only few STO platforms in Europe which are live. Our overall insight at the current stage is, that the STO market is not mature enough to successfully kickstart DESICO platform.

We are facing a high demand from companies to raise capital using STO model, however, the demand from investors to invest in STOs is still not here.

Considering these factors, we have decided to limit on-boarding of new clients. As soon as the secondary markets are available and more successful STO’s are carried out, we will broaden up our operations.

We still hold a strong belief that the concept of security tokens is superb, its benefits are undeniable and the future for the market is bright. Do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you all for your trust and support,


You can download latest financial accounts of UAB Desico, the issuer of DESI financial instruments here:

Desico balance sheet 2019 Preliminary

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