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Paysera Investment
The return on securities of Paysera Investment, UAB will depend on results of Licensed Paysera group companies, including results of the Lithuanian company Paysera LT, UAB. Please carefully ready Information document for more details.

Raised 0,577 M Euros

How to invest

Please read whitepaper (offering document) of the chosen STO carefully and thoroughly before making any investment decisions.

The following are general conditions that will apply to investors into all STOs.

MiFID questionnaire
Purchase of tokens

*Whitelisting. The whitelisting will be announced separately to each of the listed STOs. Make sure you reserve your seat to participate in the offering as soon as STO whitelisting is announced.

**KYC/AML. Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) procedures are a legal requirement to every investor. Please have your international passport or government-issued ID card ready. NOTE: a driver’s license, student ID, or any other form of ID than a passport or government issued ID will not be accepted. Please make sure you are using a device with a good quality camera and you are in a well lit environment — laptop and desktop computers with webcams or mobile devices are supported as long as the camera takes high-quality pictures.

The actual details on how to participate in the chosen STO will be provided separately to each of the STO listed on DESICO site. You will be able to find the details by clicking on the STO icon that you chose.