Key components of the DESICO Ecosystem


Crowdfunding Platform

DESICO will operate a global EU-based platform offering a fully compliant way for businesses to issue ICOs, and for token buyers to acquire and trade these tokens.


Built-in Exchange

DESICO will operate a fully regulated exchange. It will provide security tokens with immediate liquidity after the successful completion of an ICO on the DESICO platform.


E-Money Accounts

DESICO users will be able to manage both crypto and fiat holdings within the platform. They will also have the opportunity to exchange their cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies within the DESICO exchange.


Full Legal Compliance

DESICO will operate fully within the current securities and crowdfunding laws of the Republic of Lithuania, a European Union and Eurozone member state.



The DESICO community will consist of security token issuers, crypto investors and enthusiasts, and ICO-related service providers.

DESICO is set to disrupt the $155 billion global venture capital market







DESI Token

The functionality of the DESICO ecosystem will be based on the DESI token. The DESI token will serve two main purposes:

Payment method within the DESICO Ecosystem

ICOs wishing to issue security tokens via the DESICO platform will have to contribute a certain amount of DESI tokens to the platform as platform fees. Investors will be able to acquire these newly-issued security tokens by paying in DESI tokens. External experts and community members will receive DESI tokens in exchange for their services.

Privileges when acquiring security tokens

DESI token holders will be given exclusive rights on the DESICO platform. These will include early bird access and whale-like bonuses when acquiring security tokens, and being exempt from trading fees on the DESICO exchange.

Token Economy

The supply of DESI tokens will be fixed. All DESI tokens will be created at one time during DESICO’s token crowdsale. Due to their limited supply, the scarce number of DESICO tokens in circulation will increase in value as the demand for them increases.


Projected volume of ICOs on the DESICO platform

As the DESICO platform evolves, it will onboard more startups who will need to purchase DESI tokens to spend on platform services.


Projected trading volume on the DESICO Exchange

As DESICO grows, more tokens will be listed on its exchange, and trading activity on it will grow thus increasing demand for DESI tokens.

Why is blockchain essential for DESICO?

To tokenize securities

Blockchain will allow DESICO to implement the tokenization of securities. It will bring a number of advantages for global financial markets, in particular, the removal of intermediaries who need to be paid for their services.

To build a smart contract-based decentralized platform

The use of smart-contracts will enable the full decentralization of the DESICO platform and its services. Thanks to smart-contracts, various service providers and DESICO community members will be able to offer their services on the DESICO ecosystem, and communicate directly with ICOs.

Distributed ledger

DESICO will build an efficient and fully transparent platform, which stores transaction-level data on the blockchain. DESICO is also considering using a sidechain to facilitate and record all transactions relating to the sale and purchase of security tokens.

Token information

Start of crowdsale 7 November 2018
End of crowdsale 15 January 2019
Soft Cap 3,500,000 USD
Hard Cap 32,000,000 USD
Deposit Method Ether (ETH)
Total Supply 803,631,373
Supply for sale 409,852,000
Blockchain Ethereum-based (ERC20) token

Token distribution

DESICO will sell 51% of the total token supply during all stages of the crowdsale event. Unsold DESI tokens will be burned. Tokens allocated to the team will have a lock up period of 12 months.

10% TEAM

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Laimonas Noreika
Laimonas is a fintech entrepreneur and business development professional with over a decade of experience. He is the founder of DESICO and also the CEO and founder of FinBee, one of the best performing crowdfunding platforms in Europe.

Laimonas Noreika

Co-Founder / CEO

Audrius Griškevičius
With almost 15 years of experience as a finance professional, Audrius is currently the Head of FinBee for Business. Prior to these roles, Audrius served in various positions at Swedbank, one of the Europe’s major banks. His work around the globe as a highly-competent and experienced financial expert has led him to his current position of Chief Business Development Officer at DESICO. Audrius holds an MBA from Hult Business School.

Audrius Griškevičius

Co-Founder / Business Development

Povilas Laučius
Povilas is one of Lithuania’s leaders in web development, and the founder of Draugas.lt, the biggest Lithuanian social media website. With more than a decade's worth of experience as a web developer and entrepreneur, Povilas will be responsible for ensuring the stability of the DESICO platform.

Povilas Laučius

Chief Technology Officer

Darius Noreika
Darius is a Certified Financial Analyst with over 10 years of experience working in financial analysis at Swedbank and Danske Bank, two of the largest consumer banks in the Nordic-Baltic region. He is also the Chief Operations Officer at FinBee.

Darius Noreika

Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer

Ethan Pierse
Ethan is DESICO's Investor Relations Advisor, an internationally-lauded member of the blockchain community, and a leading advocate of the tokenized economy. He is also the director of the CryptoAssets Institute in Paris and a founding partner at Borderless Ventures.

Ethan Pierse

VP for Investor Relations

Dr. Vytautas Šenavičius
With more than 10 years of experience in legal banking and financial affairs, Vytautas will ensure that DESICO is fully compliant with all aspects of the law. Skilled in banking, finance, and fintech, he is also the current chairman of the Crowdfunding Association of Lithuania.

Dr. Vytautas Šenavičius

Legal Advisor

Vytautas Matulevičius
A multiple award winner of the Baltic Communication Awards, Vytautas brings a decade’s worth of agency-developed public relations and communications experience to the DESICO team.

Vytautas Matulevičius

Chief Marketing Officer

Nico Muro
Nico’s vast experience as a digital marketeer includes roadmapping the digital magazine for the internationally-recognized Harrods department store, and serving as Marketing Manager at SailItalia, the largest yacht rental company in Italy. Most recently, Nico was responsible for managing the design and development of all of the FinBee platform’s user experience.

Nico Muro

Chief Design Officer

Irmantas Kanopa
Irmantas is senior developer with extensive experience in front-end and back-end web development. Prior to joining DESICO, Irmantas was a chief developer at FinBee.com and a freelance web developer and consultant for more than seven years.

Irmantas Kanopa

Senior Developer

Deividas Norkūnas
Deividas is a junior front-end and back-end web developer with over three years of experience in working with some of the most popular brands and companies in Lithuania. Prior to joining the DESICO team, he was the web developer for FinBee.com

Deividas Norkūnas

Junior Developer

George East
George is a former journalist turned Public Relations officer, and has a number of years of experience working in journalism and PR in the United Kingdom and the Nordic-Baltic region. He has an outstanding track record with his stories being published by The Guardian and Red Bull UK. He has also worked with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, and was the first ever non-Lithuanian national to be hired by the current administration of Vilnius City Municipality.

George East

Public Relations Officer

Ingrida Willems
Ingrida is a professional grant specialist and project coordinator with almost 20 years’ worth of experience in various European Union and global funding institutions. She is currently DESICO’s Community Manager.

Ingrida Willems

Community Manager

Greta Jonaitytė
Starting with TV host position or articles about design and architecture Greta is now known as a Content & Creative lead at iProspect Lithuania and a founder of her personal communication studio COMMS. Along with more than 10 years of experience in advertising, publishing and creative industries Greta shows her unique experience and ability to create and control various forms of content.

Greta Jonaitytė

Content & Creative lead

Augustinas Košys
Augustinas is a cyber security researcher with more than 13 years experience in the field. Before joining DESICO, Augustinas consulted a number of Fortune 200 listed and aviation companies from across Europe. He will be responsible for the security of the DESICO platform.

Augustinas Košys

Chief Security Officer

Artūras Paleičikas
Artūras is the Chief Technical Officer at Draugas.lt, and the founder of createapplication.com, a website to build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. As well as a senior.NET developer, he is also a Zend/Oracle certified web developer.

Artūras Paleičikas

Smart Contract Developer

Raimondas Reinikis
Raimondas is the user interface tester at Draugas.lt, and has 14 years of experience web development. He will be responsible for the creation of the DESICO website's UX and its internal systems.

Raimondas Reinikis

Quality Assurance Engineer

Vitalijus Misikovas
With almost two decades as a graphic and web designer, Vitalijus is the front-end developer at Draugas.lt, and will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the DESICO website.

Vitalijus Misikovas


Marius Lukošiūnas
As a highly skilled web/mobile app developer, Marius will be given the task of creating the DESICO smart contract and overseeing its development. Marijus is also the .NET developer at Draugas.lt.

Marius Lukošiūnas



Marc P. Bernegger
Leading fintech and crypto entrepreneur, one of Europe’s top 100 technology investors, and ranked amongst the top 30 of Switzerland’s digital heads by the Handelszeitung weekly.

Marc P. Bernegger

Investor Relations Advisor / Leading fintech and crypto entrepreneur

Ronald Kleverlaan
One of Europe's champion thought leaders on Community and Alternative Finance, and the founder of the CrowdfundingHub consultancy hub, Ronald is DESICO's Crowdfunding Advisor. He is also a senior advisor to the European Commission on Alternative Finance, and the director of the European Centre for Alternative Finance at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Ronald Kleverlaan

Crowdfunding Advisor / Expert Advisor on Alternative Finance at European Commission, Member of the Global Alternative Finance Leadership board at University of Cambridge

Jeff Burton
Jeff is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and member of the founding team of Electronic Arts. As DESICO’s Strategy Advisor, Jeff will help DESICO to expand to and enter global financial markets.

Jeff Burton

Strategy Advisor / Member of founding team at Electronic Arts, Executive director at SkyDeck Berkeley - UC Berkeley’s startup accelerator

Dr. Efi Pylarinou
Efi is an independent advisor to blockchain-based fintech startups, with over 20 years of financial experience including a stint on Wall Street. She is also an internationally recognized speaker and authority on fintech and blockchain business trends, as well as a co-founder and writer at the Daily Fintech.

Dr. Efi Pylarinou

FinTech & Blockchain Advisor / Global Fintech influencer and Co-Founder & author at Daily Fintech

Tim Simon
Tim is a financial entrepreneur whose first company, Quotient plc, was responsible for providing the software that supported half of the London Stock Exchange. His latest endeavour, Madiston plc, is based on one of the world’s most comprehensive banking and peer-to-peer lending platforms.

Tim Simon

Technology advisor / FinTech entrepreneur and CEO of Madiston plc.

Donatas Tamelis
Donatas is DESICO's Digital Marketing Advisor and all-round digital marketing professional. He is the MD and founder of iProspect in Lithuania, the world s leading Digital performance agency’ whose partners include Google and Facebook. Since starting his career as a Digital marketeer in 2008, he has also developed a wealth of in-depth marketing communication skills.

Donatas Tamelis

Digital Marketing Professional, Founder and MD of iProspect in Lithuania

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2015 Q3
DESICO core team establishes p2p lending platform. Key features: real time bidding, automated investments, secondary market, user friendly interface
2017 Q1
DESICO core team launches crowdfunding platform for businesses
2017 Q3
DESICO core team receives E-money license
2018 Q2 / Q3
DESICO Tokensale
2018 Q2
Formation of developers team. Promoting the platform among blockchain community
2018 Q1
DESICO core team - becomes a member of the ICO regulatory development team, setup by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
2019 Q2
Launch of Security ICO platform - Beta version
2019 Q3
Launch of payment system for Crypto/fiat
2019 Q4
Launch of built-in exchange.
Opening of office in Amsterdam and Berlin
2020 Q4
Launch of Security ICO platform - full version

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