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ISIN code for securities issued
Securities issued via DESICO will be accounted on Nasdaq CSD depository and will have an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)
Crowdfunding platform
DESICO partners with crowdfunding platform ”FinBee Verslui” which allows companies to raise up to 5M Euros per year from retail investors
Financial brokerage firm
DESICO partners with a financial brokerage firm ”DV Invest” which allows to trade securities on secondary market

Our services for clients

DESICO operates a global EU based platform a fully compliant issuance of tokenized securities.
Tokens issued on ERC-20 blockchain will have trading rules imprinted. Therefore, it will be possible to trade them on regulated exchanges.
Tokens issued via DESICO platform represent real assets in the company. Investor holding the token will always know what benefits does it grant

Partnerships and endorsements

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